How much does a boat cost?2021-01-10T09:13:18+09:30

Boat pricing varies depending on vessel type, length, build options, fit out options and BMT packages.

Our boats are not the cheapest in the market as they are built to achieve high performance standards and to stand the test of time in the tough Northern Australian conditions.

As a starting point, the base hull of a smaller length Premier vessel will start from $30k and works upwards from this pricing point depending on options selected. The base hull of a smaller length Eliminator vessel starts from $50k, and again, works upwards from there depending on options selected.

We can confidently say our vessels will withstand the toughest conditions and are absolutely value for money over the longer term.

What is the quoting process?2021-01-10T09:13:51+09:30

After having a chat with one of our team members to discuss what you’re wanting, we provide an option sheet for you to complete. From this option sheet we provide you with a quote for the hull, build and fit out options selected. From this starting point we continue to tailor the quote and boat specifications to the point that the entire package meets your requirements.

What is the process of having a boat built?2021-01-10T09:14:34+09:30

Once a quote has been accepted, a sales contract is drawn up and deposit paid, we commence design and drafting.

During this period we engage with you on multiple occasions to ensure that the design meets your requirements. When you have signed off on the computer-generated design the boat design is sent off for cutting.

When the aluminium kit arrives at our workshop, our team pulls the hull together and fabricate all build options. During the build stages, fit out components are sourced and integrated into the build.

On completion of the hull build we engage our experienced fit out technician to complete all electrical components along with any locally outsourced components.

In the same way we encourage customers to be involved in the design process, we encourage you to come by the workshop during the build stages and be involved in the construction process.

On completion we water test the vessel to ensure it is performing as expected and we take you on a water test and hand over your vessel.

You can read up some more about the process on our About page.

How long does it take from deposit to delivery?2021-01-10T09:15:10+09:30

Delivery time frames vary depending on the size of the vessel and also what other vessel builds we have booked in.

Our workshop can cater from 5.0m recreational fishing vessels up to 15m commercial vessels and everything in between.

A smaller hull build can take anywhere from 4 to 6 months from design to delivery, whereas a larger commercial vessel may take up to 8 months or more depending on specs.

We discuss build timelines during the quoting stage.

Can I/we adapt the design part way through?2021-01-10T09:15:37+09:30

Within reason. The hull & canopy/cab structure cannot be changed once a design has been accepted and sent off for cutting, but minor changes can be adapted through the early build stage.

We have found during the many years of building boats that the best outcome is achieved by spending the time that is required during the design phase to work through all options and requirements. This minimises changes during the construction phase and ensures the best possible quality vessel.

Do you offer finance?2021-01-10T09:16:10+09:30

No, we don’t offer finance.

Can I source my own motor &/or trailer?2021-01-10T09:16:50+09:30

You can certainly source your own trailer and or motor. We understand everyone’s wants can be different and will work with you on your preferred package.

Do you build vessels for interstate customers and are you able to transport vessels interstate?2021-01-10T09:17:22+09:30

Yes, we can. We can work with any organisation or individual from anywhere in Australia. We encourage customers to visit the workshop during build, but this is not essential as we are able to keep you updated on design, build and fit out stages.

Depending on the vessel, we can arrange shipping best suited to the size and destination. This will be discussed with you during the quoting and build stages.

What if I’m not sure what vessel is best suited for me?2021-01-10T09:17:53+09:30

We encourage you to call our office and have a chat with Dale Smith. He can assist in helping choose what boat will best suit your needs.


What warranty is available?2021-01-10T09:18:19+09:30

Custom Works provides a 5 year warranty on the hull structure and 1 year electrical and fuel fit up warranty. All other items are covered by separate warranties offered by their manufacturer or distributors.

Custom Works provides a 12 month warranty on all trailer structures. All other items are covered by separate warranties offered by their manufacturer or distributor.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

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